Resume & Job Search Assistance

Tired of that nagging feeling that you should update your resume?  Feeling overwhelmed with the very thought?  Teamwork makes it MUCH easier, and avoids the nagging procrastination pit feeling too.


This package is for you if you are pretty confident you have a good quality, accomplishment based resume.  Compare yours to the information provided which includes:

  • resume tip sheet
  • profile statement examples,
  • how to write accomplishments,
  • cover letter and
  • formatting template.
  • Includes on-line review and feedback with Coach.




Sometimes online doesn’t quite cut it.  If you just need an hour or so, this includes the above package plus an additional phone call and final proof of your documents.




Procrastinating? Considering job search is usually a lengthy process, every day really does count. If you are stuck, in overwhelm,  and don’t know how to start, this package is geared to personally assist you with writing the resume.  This involves a dialogue where you verbally outline your tasks, accomplishments, projects, and Coach writes down the draft bullets.




Deluxe package including resume writing, marketing tips, using social media for job search, and behavioral  interviewing. Complete your entire job search project plan with emphasis on what you want.