Sherri Olsen, Turnaround Coach assists in three ways:

Corporate:  If you are a company that needs to downsize, I will customize my approach and fees to suit your needs.  I am affiliated with an International Outplacement firm as well for large projects.

Career: If you are a person tired of the daily grind and wants to find work that works, retire ready or live juicy.

COOLdog Coaching- new!  Bringing a dog to one/one coaching, small group workshops for youth and adults to promote emotional well being, reduce stress, instill kindness, or teach you how to be a Leader.

Are you a Corporation that
needs to lay off employees?

Get more for your money and help your departed employees in a fuller way. After all, most of us have been laid off at least once in our careers, so if you have been through outplacement once, there is not much new the second time around. Until now.

Enhanced Outplacement that costs the same BUT gives you WAY MORE!

Traditional firms fail to address the underlying emotional reasons that prevents a person from bouncing back after a lay off. You aren’t keen to look for a job when you can’t even get out of bed.

Enter Fido, or in this case, my dog Bear. Bear is an Emotional Support Dog and part of the ‘dog’ team that supports folks in their turmoil after being fired.

Our team of caring professionals do not leave your past employees to motivate themselves, or heal their own wounds. Research shows that having time spent with specific directed activities helps boost morale, confidence and esteem. This can be done through interactions with animals, or, my team of professionals also provide additional workshops in areas of creative art, stress reduction techniques and time in nature.

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With or without a dog, or the additional services, you don’t pay any more. Same outplacement PLUS the option to help them overcome their emotional barriers.

This helps you, the corporation in the long run. Instead of employees who carry past bitterness or wounds they will have progressed, moved beyond, and truly show up at their next role with coping and life skills they haven’t had before.


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Your Turnaround Coach for Life’s Transitions

Are You…

At a Crossroads?
Dislike Your Job But Not Sure What’s Next?
A Manager/Leader Bothered About Something?

Immediate Solutions to Solve
What’s Bothering You Most



COOLdog Coaching- NEW!
For Youths and Adults


I’m recently certified in a new field called Animal Assisted Interventions, where I use my dog (or yours) to create ah ha moment’s to improve your well being. Build confidence, esteem, empathy, communication skills and increase self awareness.

Call Sherri Olsen, a Turnaround Coach with twenty years experience in Career, Corporate and Crossroads Coaching. 403-519-5998 or email me at