About Sherri

Raised on a farm, I moved to Calgary, Alberta Canada as a young adult. After 17 years in the telecommunications industry in a variety of roles (customer service, sales, career coaching and training) I decided it was time to venture out as an entrepreneur. During my corporate career I finished a BA in Psychology where I pursued my fascination with the power of the mind and how people draw meaning from life or work.

My first few years in my own business primarily drew clients interested in determining what they should be when they grow up (even though they were grown up!). This is a common dilemma that many of us face as we re-think our careers. I could relate. Thus, my book- Crossroads Café: Breaking Free from the Daily Grind was created. It’s a great book for people in career transition (laid off or dislike current job), or considering retirement. It covers the first 3 months of my coaching method in story form.

When I turned 38, I looked at my life goal list and saw it – get a puppy. I live near a huge off-leash park and river, so it was perfect for a dog. I took a ‘how to be a dog trainer’ course, got a puppy, and went to the off leash park. That’s how my second book was created: COOLdog™: for safe off-leash fun!

Dogs have become a perfect complement to my evolving business of teaching managers how to coach, and to experientially facilitate Leadership development workshops. (I teach without dogs too).

My education covers a wide scope: Psychology degree, Coach training through CoachU.com, Certifications in Leadership Training, personality assessments like True Colors, Master Practitioner in NLP, Psychology of Achievement Program, Performance Management, and Outplacement (career planning, downsizing, retirement) Training.

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